Easter Sunday


We went to a brunch/Easter egg hunt/petting zoo at the Sheraton Hotel on Easter Sunday.  It was raining like crazy, so the kid’s egg hunt was indoors in the plants and chairs.  They didn’t really care.  They had fun.  The buffet brunch was interesting.  We had lots of different food to choose from and there was a chocolate fountain.  I’d never actually been anywhere with a chocolate fountain before.  My oldest granddaughter was somewhat overwhelmed by the dessert choices. 

My grandson was in love with the miniature horse.  He spent all of his time feeding him and the two miniature donkeys.  He also danced in the rain!
The girls loved the chickens!  They also enjoyed the bunnies, but didn’t even look at the baby goats.  A good day was had by all!
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  1. pamq says:

    How can you ignore a baby goat???

    I sure wouldn’t be able to ignore the chocolate fountain……. 😉

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