Will you help me feed hungry Americans?

I’m hosting a fundraiser for Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign. 
How you can help: 
  • click on the link above
  • put your zip code in the “get local” space to the right
  • go to your local food bank and donate at least $10 
  • if you do not have a local food bank or you do not live in the United States, put in the zip code 75163 in the “get local” space and go to the food bank section —  click on East Texas Food Bank to donate your $10
  • then send me a copy of your thank you letter to livin4qltn@embarqmail.com
  • I will send you these three postcards as a thank you for helping to feed hungry children and hungry Americans 

I hope you can help.  I donated on Saturday.  I donate as often as I can.  The thought of hungry Americans is unfathomable, but the thought of hungry children is unbearable.  According to my East Texas Food Bank website every dollar becomes $15 and provides food for 8 meals!  So,  if you donate $10 because I’ve asked you to, you will provide 80 meals and get the knowledge that you’ve helped many people plus you get my postcards as a thank you!  And I do thank you!

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