Fun and Frustrations

Over the last week, I’ve had problems here at my wordpress blog.  Today, finally, they are all fixed.  I’m knocking wood as I type that.  Afraid of daring the blog boogers of coming after me again.  With help from the “help” people here at wordpress, I’ve figured out how to get the comments turned back on when my posting publishes mysteriously with them turned off and I’ve figured out how to put my photos to the left and get my writing back up to the top right of them and continuing on down and under them.  Whew!  I like all of that the way I like all of that.  I hope it stays that way now and I don’t have any more problems with it (or any new ones — knocking wood again). 

one of our little princesses

In 1981, I was a young mother with a son who finally slept 8 hours at a time, but often got up as early as 3 a.m!  I didn’t think that would ever end.  The good thing about it was that I got to watch all kinds of things on TV that I would have normally missed, like the wedding of Prince Charles to beautiful Diana.  I had not planned to watch it, but I watched every minute and was thrilled to see it. 

At 2 a.m., Central time, this morning I turned on BBC America to watch Prince William marry his beautiful Kate.  Then I started getting sleepy.  I am, after all, 30 years older than I was back in when his parents married.  So, I set my DVR to record everything through 1 p.m. and I went on to bed.  I woke around 11 a.m. to discover that they were showing the vows of the wedding on BBC America and my DVR had not recorded much of anything!  Apparently, there was a power outage or something around 4 a.m. that wrecked it all!  I missed seeing Kate walk into the church and down the aisle to her Prince!  I missed all of those wild hats!  Oh, I know it will be shown on reruns all day and night, but it’s not the same.  I’ll only get to see highlights now.  What someone else has deemed a highlight.  I somehow doubt that the hats will make it into the show the way I would want them to.  It’s fun, but sometimes the same technology that makes it all possible is so very frustrating.
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  1. charlane says:

    i couldn’t stay awake either but a lot the stations have been playing reruns. i’ve dvr’ed it but haven’t watched that yet.

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