Little Sweetie

Today we had a belated Easter egg hunt for the children in the family so that we could all get together and so that I could meet my cousin Kelly’s fiance, Jermaine.  A wonderful young man for my wonderful young cousin!   It’s amazing to me how little we all see each other!  We have to start to do better in this area.  Family is so important!  None of my cousin’s children really know me.  In fact, today was the first time for me to see two of them in person and the first time I met one of the husbands, in addition to meeting Jermaine!  Really it’s no ones fault other than my own.  It seems like after my father passed in 1995, we all stopped trying to get together as much.  It became easier to let other things get in the way.  Well, for me, that is going to stop.  Life is short and these precious people won’t be around forever.   


This is my cousin Molly’s little girl.  Isn’t she just darling?  I showed her the picture of herself and she said she was beautiful!  I couldn’t agree more!  I got very tickled by her statement though.  She has a very outgoing personality.  I believe she’s all of 4 years old.  She’s only seen me one other time before today and she wasn’t at all afraid of me today.  That is rare in a child. 

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  1. charlane says:

    she is just adorable

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