Almost a Month of Postcrossing Mail

Before I even get started on this post, I want to ask you if you like to see and read about my postcrossing cards?  I really want to know.  If you don’t like them, there really is no reason for me to share them all.  I may continue to share the ones that I am especially fond of and I’m sure I’d share the stamps that are really artistic, but there’s no need to share them all with you unless of course you are enjoying them as much as I do.  So please leave me a comment and let me know.  Think of it as a poll. 


You may want to click on the first card to enlarge it, so that you can read it and really appreciate it.  It comes from the US and is a hoot and really speaks the truth for many folks, I think. 


The sender of postcard #2 is from the Netherlands. 


The 3rd postcard, of this amazing sunset, is from a 19-year-old student in Taiwan.  She says that since she loves to travel, but can’t do it physically at this time, postcards are her way of accomplishing it. 


The 4th postcard is from Ohio.  She says that this is her favorite place to be in autumn.  She loves to watch the Toledo Mud Hens.  What fun!


The 5th card is of a wild turkey and is from Rebecca in Michigan.  She said she was so glad that spring was finally arriving after a very long snowy winter. 


The 6th card comes from Aleksandra, a student in Minsk in Belarus.  Unfortunately, I don’t know what the front of the card says.  If she translated it for me, I’ve deleted the message and don’t remember.  I’m guessing — I love you. 


The 7th card is from Jan, also in the Netherlands.  Jan and his wife have 2 grown daughters and live in a small village.  The postcard shows the church, the grain mill, the swimming pool and the village house. 


The 8th card comes from Kerstin in Stralsund which lies near the Baltic Sea.  She is married and has two grown children and two grandchildren.  The postcard is from the art of Peter Hammer Verlag (I think that is his full name, hopefully I didn’t leave anything out).  Click on his name to see more of his art. 


This 9th card is one of my favorites of the bunch!  It comes from Olha in the Ukraine.  She says “Hello dear Sharon!  Greetings from the Ukraine!”  I’ve always loved the beautiful Ukraine Easter eggs.  Aren’t they beautiful?  She was kind enough to translate everything on the card for me (us!).  The front says “Greetings with Holiday of Resurrections of Christ”.  Lovely, lovely card. 


The 10th and last postcard for today (this is not all of them, more tomorrow!) is from Lollipop.  They are of cute little cabins in Ohio that she stayed in last summer while doing some ministry there. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing all of these postcards, but please let me know if you enjoy seeing them or not.  OK?

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  1. shirley says:

    I love them…keep ’em coming!

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