Only a few more Postcrossing Cards to go…

At least for now.  I’ve only heard from one person, as to whether or not you want to keep seeing the postcrossing cards.  So, please leave a comment and let me know if you want me keep them coming after this or not. 


This 1st postcard comes from Russia.  The church pictured is so rich and impressive that I had to double-check for the crosses on top to make sure it really is a church.  I’m not used to seeing such grand churches, you see.  She says that they started building this one in 1747 and completed it in 1751.  Amazing! 


The second card is from Poland.  If you read Polish, I would welcome your translation.  Gosia did translate the front for me, but, unfortunately,  I can’t really read it.  I think it says Greetings from Holidays.  Which doesn’t really make sense to me, but that could be the way it translates into English.  Or the word that I’ve read as “holidays” could be the name of the town and I have just misread it. 



 The 3rd postcard is also of a church and is one of my favorites that I’ve gotten lately.  I can’t really even tell you why, but I love this card!  This church is just beautiful to me!  It is the national Cathedral in Turku, Finland and was originally built in 1200.  1200!  That time period is hard for me to even fathom.  I’ve been to Helsinki, Finland.  Never to Turku.  I would love to see this church in person and sit in its pews. 


I originally sent a postcrossing postcard to Jenni in Australia.  I’m kind of obsessed with putting return addresses on my mail.  I’ve had too many things lost in the mail over the years.  So, occasionally, I’ll get a thank you type card back from the person I’ve sent on to.  This is a thank you card from Jenni.  Aren’t the black swans gorgeous?


The 5th one is our last one for today, and it isn’t actually a postcrossing card.  Chris is a sweet blog friend who sent it because she knows I like postcards.  Really great, huh?  This is a photo of a painting by Angelica Kauffman (Swiss 1740 – 1807).  Oil on canvas.  Unfortunately, the post office got something black all over the name of the painting, so I can’t share that with you.   

Y’all take care.  We’ll talk again soon. 

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2 Responses to Only a few more Postcrossing Cards to go…

  1. Chris says:

    Hey Sharon, I enjoy seeing and reading about the post cards. I think you should keep them coming. As for the one I sent you, a museum sends them to me hoping I’ll donate some $$$, unfortunately I’ve been out of work for 9 months and donating is not in my budget for the forseeable future. They just sent me another three, the same ones, and when I come across them I’ll email to let you know the name of the painting.

  2. charlane says:

    these are beautiful – i love seeing them.

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