I’m Cheating


My photo for today was actually taken yesterday.  So, I’m cheating on my photo a day.  The thing is that I’ve been rather slack about taking photos since the bluebonnets have faded and the price of gas has continued to rise.  Living in a rural area, I drive just about everywhere.  And I’ll have to admit that lately, I’m not quite as excited about the project.  I feel certain that my excitement will return, but I don’t know when.  Until then, I’ll continue to struggle and do the best I can.  Isn’t that what we all do? 

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3 Responses to I’m Cheating

  1. Chris says:

    The price of gas is also keeping me close to home as well Sharon. But living in a rural area can’t be beat if you ask me. A photo a day is a lot to take on. I doubt I could do it. There are days I don’t touch my camera but not for lack of wanting just other stuff gets in the way. Love your photo though.

  2. I have found that often times, just walking around with my camera in hand help me see things I normally would have missed. I love how you caught the sun trapped between the branches. Happy Mother’s Day week-end, Sharon

  3. pamq says:

    I always think when I head out to do my Skywatch Friday photos that I will never find anything to take a picture of.

    Then I come home one or two hours later with sometimes over 150 photos…….

    Of course some of them really stink, but I think that is the whole point.

    They all help me learn.

    I can’t imagine trying to make myself take a photo a day. Wow.

    I think this might be your very best photo ever. EVER.


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