A Little more about the Retreat and photos


I took a lot of photos, but as I was looking through them just now, I realized that I didn’t take nearly as many as I thought I had.  I got there hours before any of my friends arrived.  That gave me plenty of time to pick out my sewing area, my bedroom, shop at the quilt shop (twice before anyone arrived and then more later!), and to sit in this rocking chair on the front porch to listen to the birds. 

Tammy with some of her veggie blocks


This place had lots of design space set up on the walls.  That is something quite rare for the locations that we go to for our quilt retreats.  As I said yesterday, it was built for quilt retreats and I can tell that they really put a lot of thought into it. 

Bonnie's bedsized pineapple


Mindy's quilt -- 5/14/11


Andrea's blocks


Donna's amazing Judy quilt


Mindy was hand quilting this one

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