I Can’t believe it’s Been so Long

There’s no real good reason for me not checking in with you all recently.  I guess I’ve been anti-social.  Do you ever get that way?  Where you just hole up and read or watch TV and kind of hibernate?  Well, I do sometimes  —  and lately  —  well, it’s been one of those times.  I think it could be because I brought my grandkids down to Texas to visit family.  Not my side of the family, but my deceased daughter-in-law’s side of the family.  I know this sounds horrible, but the kids were so deeply hurt by the last trip down to visit them (they didn’t get to stay and visit as planned, you see) that I’ve been very uneasy about this visit.    I wanted to keep my grandson with me and not even let him visit them at all.  I just didn’t trust them to be good enough to him.  So, I’ve been uneasy since I dropped them all off.  I will continue to be uneasy until I pick them up on Thursday or Friday.

I’ve dealt with my uneasiness by watching a lot of Netflix over the last several days.  I can’t even remember how many movies I’ve seen on the Netflix “instant”, but I can tell you that I’ve seen every single available episode of In Plain Sight they have!  I even went to the USA network  website and found the first episode for this season and watched it.   Now I’ve got my DVR set up to record the rest of the season, but I’ll have to wait to watch it until the second and third episodes of this season are on the USA network website.  They apparently wait 30 days from initially airing them on TV before putting them on the website and I’d like to see them in order. 

Yes, you’ve read all of this correctly.  I’ve got nothing done since dropping off the kids, other than watching TV and (as you may have guessed) I have a very obsessive personality.  I can keep it reined in most of the time, but it does overpower me at times like this.  If you’ll excuse me, I feel the need to go see what other series I’ve never seen that I can watch for the next few days.    There are storms in the area so I need to check out the TV series while I can.  Take care folks.  We’ll talk again soon.

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