Doctors and Such

I was informed today that my family doctor is closing his practice on June 15th.  This made me less than happy.  He is not an old guy, but we’ve been seeing him for a number of years.  I absolutely hate the thought of looking for a new doctor.  I was kind of hoping that we would leave this world close to the same time and I’d never have to do that  —  looking thing  —  again. 

I had to get a new dentist a few years ago.  It was not fun.  I saw several dentists before I found the “right” new one.  I even had to have a root canal redone through a crown (the original root canal, my very first, had not actually been completed before being crowned).  I do know that my new dentist is good and I trust him.  And you know what?  Right before I started to go to him, he had moved his practice out here to the country and one of my city friends comes down here to see him.  I think that’s poetic justice.  Although I do feel for her when it comes to the drive.   

I was fortunate when my gyn retired many years ago.  I found a new one I liked very easily, thanks to my sister-in-law.  Keeping her, on the other hand, has not been easy.  She was originally located a far distance from me when I lived in the Dallas area.  Then I moved out into the country and decided I wanted to continue to go to her.  Then she decided to move her practice even farther away from me.  It now takes me almost 2 hours to drive up to see her for check up. 

When I trust a doctor, I tend to want to stick with them.  I sure wish all of Dr. Marsh’s patients luck in finding a new doctor.  Oh, did I mention this?  He’s planning to be a doctor who makes home visits after his practice closes.  At least that’s what I hear.  That is something I admire.  I just wish he had waited 40 or so more years until I had gone to my heavenly reward to actually do this admirable thing.

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  1. Chris says:

    I know exactly how you feel about your doctors. It’s hard these days to find a good one and then they either up and close their practice or move too far away for you to continue to be their patient. The thoughts of finding a new doctor are not fun. Good luck.

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