Stingin’ Lizards

The quilting retreat I went on recently was in a rural area.  I don’t always talk about stingin’ lizards when retreating, but when the retreat is in a rural setting I sometimes make an exception to educate my fellow retreaters who happen to be city folk.  They probably don’t know much about stingin’ lizards, better known by those said city folk as scorpions.  I’m afraid I tend to upset them a bit by talking about stingin’ lizards (this is an old timers name for them), but I figure a little education might come in handy if they just happen to run into one — say between the sheets, while sleeping!   Stingin’ lizards just love to crawl into bed with a body!

The first time I was in the company of one long enough to get stung, I was indeed, in my bed.  It stung me three times before I got away from it.  That was about 20 years ago.  (FYI — If you are ever stung by a scorpion in bed, it will hide under your pillow.   Look there first before stripping your whole bed.)  I’ve been stung more times than I can remember now.  They’ve crawled into bed with me more times than I want to think about.  I’m so good with them now, that I can tell it’s a scorpion walking up my leg and I can slap it flat handed, without getting stung and fling it across the room. 

Some little tidbits I’ve learned about them over the years:

  • their eyes glow in the dark (discovered this while using a flash light while headed to the bathroom)
  • you can pick them up with one kleenex without getting stung (I do this to flush them down the toilet)
  • they are good climbers,  but do fall — or fling themselves — from ceilings, walls, doors, etc. and will sting you if they land on you
  • they can’t get out of things like sinks and jars
  • I know they have a purpose, but if they get in my house, they die when one of us finds them 

I hope this helps if you ever run into one.

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