Not so Quick Hello

I’m home.  I’m glad to be here for a few days.  I’m tired as a grown person — still — after a day of rest.   I was sick last night.  I didn’t eat much yesterday, so I can’t figure out what triggered it.  It may have just been that I was over tired.  I don’t know.  Maybe I had a little bug.

It did remind me of when I was a little kid and the first time I felt sick at school.  I went up to the teacher’s desk and told her I felt sick.  She asked me if I was nauseated.  I didn’t know that word yet, so I said no, I feel like I’m going to throw up!  She wrote me out the pass to the nurse’s office pretty quick, but I bet she was smiling the whole time.  I think I was 6 or 7 years old. 

I went to my nephew’s graduation on Tuesday night.  I drove down to the Houston area that morning and came on home after it was over.  I was amazed that it finished as early as it did.  I never did count how many names were in the program, but it was a large class.  The ceremony took place in an outdoor facility.  It was hot.  I had gotten sauce on my plain t-shirt earlier (my usual dress up outfit, especially in this weather), so I had to put on a t-shirt with words (the only other clothing I had with me).  I was unhappy about that, but I fit right in.  There were all manner of dress at the ceremony.  I felt most sorry for the ones who were all dressed up, because as I said, it was HOT.  The school apparently has their graduation at this facility every year.  It was a well oiled machine.  It went quickly.  So nice. 

It was wonderful to be there.  This young man has been through so much.  He was bullied mercilessly for years at school.  The family moved from Texas to Colorado thinking that bullying would not be tolerated after the horrible Columbine tragedy, but that was not the case for my nephew.  The staff at his school was just as blind to it all as the teachers had been in Texas.  He became suicidal.  Fortunately, his parents never stopped fighting for him.  His mother looked until she found a school that he fit into.  She transferred him there and he bloomed.  He became the young man we all knew he was.  A job transfer moved them back to Texas.  If anyone bullied him again here, I never heard about it.  My guess is that he had learned how to handle bullies and he was stronger.  He’s a very smart young man.  Interesting to talk to and fun to be around.  I’m so very grateful that he made it through his horrible years of school.  I’m so proud of him.  I know that his momma is too, even though she is no longer with us on this earth.  I know she was with him on Tuesday night, ringing a cow bell, cheering and happy for him.  Just because we couldn’t hear it, doesn’t mean it wasn’t happening.

*Momma reminded me that he was homeschooled for a time by his momma too, before the great school was found.  I’m not exactly sure when the homeschooling took place in the order of schools, but it’s in there.  Thank God he survived his bullying.

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