Touched my Heart

I wasn’t really planning to post today, but then I read two articles online that really touched my heart.  I just wanted to make sure you saw them too. 

First was the one about the Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros both drafting players who are partially paralyzed.  The Rangers, my beloved team, drafted Johnathan Taylor, an outfielder from the University of Georgia in the 33rd round of the draft.  Taylor was left paralyzed from the neck down in March when he broke his neck during a game.  He collided with team-mate Zach Cone, something all ball players do at one time or another.  The compassion shown to a fellow ball player in this act of drafting him, makes me love my team even more.  You can read the full AP story here

The other story that touched my heart this morning was the one about Alice’s Bucket List Blog.  Alice is 15 and has terminal cancer.  She started the blog for family and friends, to update them on her bucket list.  It’s gone viral.  It’s a new blog, just started this mont and had only three postings so far.  I hope she gets to do everything on her bucket list that she’s physically able to do.  I hope all kids with terminal illnesses get to fulfil their bucket lists. 

Take a moment today to realize how lucky you are to be healthy.  To be taking a breath today and feeling whatever little ache and pain you may be feeling.  We all have real trials and tribulations in this life, but if we’re lucky, we get to live to see our kids grow up and maybe even have kids of their own.  Today, be thankful for whatever you have been given, despite the hardships you may be facing.  I know I’m going to.

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  1. Chris says:

    Beautiful, beautiful post Sharon! Thanks for reminding me/us to be grateful for every day we have.

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