Be Not Afraid, Ladies

I went to a funeral today (the husband of a quilting friend).  There were many women in attendance.  I’m sure there were just about as many men.  But there was not a line outside the men’s restroom.  Have you ever noticed that?  How could you help but notice it.  When there is a large gathering, there is always a line outside the women’s room!  Well, I’m here to say “Be not afraid, ladies!  Use the men’s room!”   

I’ve done it many times at quilt shows — with facilities compliments — since they usually “convert” many of the men’s rooms for the women to use during the show.  We normally get quite tickled to see what they have done to soothe our feminine sensibilities — such as huge ferns placed in the urinals at one facility that we attend yearly. 

Today, there were no converted restrooms for the additional women.  In fact, it was an older facility that had only one hole (so to speak) in each room.  I’ll admit that as lines go, the line for the ladies’ was not that long, but the men’s was empty and I had been driving for 2 hours and had had a coke.  So, I said “to heck with this” and went on in.  One older woman told me that she had been tempted, but was afraid that she’d be walked in on.  There are times when I wouldn’t care.  The correlation between how much I worry about being walked in on in the men’s room is in direct relation to how full my bladder is!  So, take my advice, knock first, announce yourself and go on in.  Spread the word, ladies!

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