More to Come…

I just got home from a quilting retreat.  I had a great time with good friends, sewing and visiting.  The food is always great at quilt retreats, but the company is even better.  I made a bag to carry my GPS in when it is not in my car, a bag to carry all of my laptop cords in (some of them are to hook up the camera to the laptop) and two little change purse/wallets for my granddaughters.  I also worked a while on a new pineapple miniature, but I just got sick to death of working on the minis.  I did a lot of shopping and running around during this retreat too.  I haven’t been in town for any length of time in ages, so it seemed like a good time to do it all.

I’ll show you pictures of the bags in a day or so.  I’m home.  I’m tired and I’ve missed my computer time.  I’m going to relax a bit and catch up on blogs I like to visit.  Then I’ll get back to what I need to do.  Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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