Postcard time at Chaos Ranch!

I haven’t been posting about my postcards lately.  The reason being is that I’ve been reading a lot of blogs about letter writing and just haven’t taken the time to post.  I’m thinking of starting a blog that is just about letter and postcard writing and all the things associated with it.  Until I decide, I’ll continue to post here about those things.  I have a thick stack of cards to show you.  It may take a few days.  Don’t want to overload you all at once. 


Postcard #1 isn’t a postcrossing card.  It came from Kim at Life is Like a Box of Chocolates and the Gift of Jewels swap hosted by Se’lah at Necessary Room.  Toowoomba is in Queensland, Australia!  I love Australia and hope to visit there.  With any real luck, I’ll fly over on the same flight as Keith Urban someday.  Yea, right.  I know, but a girl has got to have some dreams!  Back to the postcard — I’ve emailed Kim to ask about the purple flowered trees in the third picture.  On the card, she says it’s cold in the winter (now) and hot in the summer there.  That Toowoomba is known as the Garden City and she lives in the Sunshine State.  Lovely card. 


Postcard #2 is from Carin in the Netherlands.  It’s a thank you card for sending her a postcrossing card.  She took the photo at a Summer Fest in Roden where people came from north of the Netherlands with old American cars.  She said she loved this car!  I can understand why.  I love old cars too and this old truck is amazing!  Just beautiful.  Needless to say, I liked the postcard. 


The third postcard comes from North Carolina and shows the cardinal and the dogwood, which are the state bird and flower.  I love cardinals!  That little shot of red flying by the window has cheered me on more than one cold, dreary February day!  I love to watch the male and female feeding seeds to each other.  The tenderness they seem to show each other is so touching to me.  Renee says that there are a few Great Blue Herons near her home in Mooresville.  She likes birds too. 


The fourth postcard comes from southern Poland and shows lovely church scenes.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t make out all of the writing on the card, but I loved the salutation —  “Good day Mrs. Sharon!”.  That just filled me with joy!  They say that their hometown is the most important sanctuary in Upper Silesia (I hope I spelled that correctly).  That every year 200,000 pilgrims go there. 



Postcard #5 comes from Sylvia in the south of Holland.  She says she visited Amsterdam last week with friends and that she lives with her boyfriend.  They have a French bulldog.  She is 29 years old.  (See, the ages of the postcrossing folks vary widely!  Not everyone is as old as me.)  I love the postcard she sent.  I love seeing all the different scenes of a city like this. 


The 6th and last postcard for today shows the Appalachian sunset.  Isn’t it beautiful?  I do love sky shots.  Sunsets are a favorite of mine.  It comes from Candace in West Virginia. 


More postcards tomorrow.

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  1. Pearl Maple says:

    lovely collection of cards you are sharing in your blog space

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