Day 2 of Postcard Catching Up


Our first postcard today comes from Gdansk, Poland.  The translation for the front of the card is “The Neptun Fountain on the Long Market”.  Jalin lives in Gdansk and the fountain is downtown.   I like the sepia colors of this postcard and the buildings.  Lovely. 


Postcard #2 comes from the Belarus from Jasmin.  She is 15 and not quiet.  (That really tickled me!)  She does like to read, draw and watch movies.  She also likes this fountain in Minsk “too much”.  It is one of the most famous in Minsk.  Darling girl and wonderful card!


The third postcard comes from one of my favorite places in the world — Italy!  Francesca translated the front of the card, it reads: “Musical weeks of hope, Brescia March 4 – May 6  10 days Music like you have never seen”  Well, it looks like it says 10 days, but that doesn’t add up correctly, so it must be another number of days.  She recommended “the books by Janet Evonovich about the Bounty Hunter Stephanie Plum.”  I love that series too!  In fact a new one comes out today!


The postcard of Baltimore, Maryland (#4) comes from Lisa in College Park.  She works at Borders (one of my fantasy jobs!), and is the proud mom of two little boys, ages 3 and 5.  She says they are mischievous, but fun.  They like to go camping, hiking, swimming and to the movies.  Great ballpark!  I’d love to visit there one day to see the Texas Rangers win against the Orioles. 


This fifth postcard had me stopping in the post office to read it and laughing out loud!  A nice looking man, cooking for a woman — porn for women indeed!  Kris knew exactly what to send to brighten my day!  She says she’d love to have someone cook the evening meal for her and that she likes to knit too.  Simple, mindless knitting is her favorite.  (That’s the only kind I know, but it’s not mindless for me yet!)


I believe the 6th and last postcard for today comes from Helsinki, Finland.  Unfortunately, I can’t make out some of the writing.  At least not well enough to tell you the names of towns that she speaks of on the postcard.  She does say that this church was built in the 1300s!  Love it!

More tomorrow!


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