Postcrossing Cards Day 4


This post will catch us up for a bit on the postcrossing postcards.  At least until I go to the post office again. 

The first card today is from Austria and shows a great cat photo!  The translation is: “Just view the world from another perspective”.  I really like this one.  It reminds me of my Charlie cat.  He was a stray who adopted us before we moved here.  I miss him. 


Postcard #2 comes from Virginia.  She says that when this church is lit up in Marysville, California at night, that it is very pretty.  I love to see old churches and see them all lit up.  I also love to hear church bells ringing.  That was one of my favorite things about visiting Italy.  The church bells were so beautiful!





This third postcard tickles me!  The stance of the dog reminds me so much of a little boy!  Sanna sent the card from Finland.  She says she lives with her boyfriend and that last year they adopted a homeless dog from Russia.  The dog was found on the streets of St. Petersburg.  I had never thought of people overseas adopting dogs from other countries, but I guess that’s no more unusual than it would be for us to adopt one from another state.  The distance probably isn’t any greater.  How wonderful is that?!


Today’s 4th postcard is one I’m very fond of.  Seventeen year old Tessa drew it herself and sent it from the Netherlands!  You’ll want to be sure to click on the photo to see all the little bits she’s added about the country on her map.  Tessa tells me her hobbies are: “fencing, playing tennis, crafting, reading and especially wandering around in bookshops choosing new books, though there always are too many of them I like.”



Number Five comes from Connecticut in the U.S.  Debby sent it and says: “Here are some birds in the area.  I thought you might also find it funny.  Enjoy.” 



The 6th and last card for today is from Finland.  It shows part of a glass painting (or stained glass?) showing the baptism of Jesus.  It’s a beautiful church, isn’t it? 

I’ll try to post the postcrossing cards more often so we don’t have so many to see all at once and for so many days in a row.  I hope you enjoyed them anyway. 
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  1. Oh, Sharon!!! You have such an incredible collection of great cards. What treasures they are. I meant to say before – thank you for posting them in such a detailed way. I’ve enjoyed seeing where all they came from. What a beautiful exchange! 🙂

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