First Attempt at making Bags

bag #1, side 1, velcro closure

When I went to my recent quilt retreat, I took several projects to work on.  I first attempted to make miniature pineapple blocks — this time in a new color scheme — grey and yellow, but that didn’t help.  I’m sick to death of those wonderful little boogers!  I had almost completed 5 (by chain piecing) when I decided I had to do something else, or lose my mind. 

bag #1, side 2

So, I decided to make the bags I’ve been needing for so long.  This one was the first one that I made.  I sewed onto a muslin foundation (which became the lining for the bag) and used all of the scraps that I had rescued from the trash at retreats and that friends had given me.  One woman’s trash, is another woman’s treasure!  I love this bag.  I had used a little bag that I’d been given years ago as my “model”.  It’s a much smaller bag, but it gave me the general idea and the plan to use velcro for the closure.  Before I had sewn one stitch on the velcro, my friend Micki told me how to sew in a zipper.  So, I went to the store and bought several zippers and the velcro.  Let me tell you, I was more than happy to learn the zipper because sewing that velcro was a bitch!  You can see in the photos that I had a hard time sewing straight when sewing on it and at one point, the whole mess started to make it hard to sew at all.  My needle got all gummed up and I had to practically push the fabric through the machine.  So, it’s not as smooth as it should be, but it will work for my needs.   And it sure isn’t going to come open by accident.  That baby is closed tight when it’s closed!


bag #2, side 1, lime green zipper!

The first bag is what I now use to store all of my cords to my laptop when I’m on the go.  The second bag has my GPS in it when it is not in my car.  It was made in the same fashion, sewing onto a base of muslin.  I just winged it when it came to size.  Boy, did I overestimate on that!  You may notice that bag #2 has a partial quilt block in it.  I think that was given to me on a previous quilt retreat by my friend Sandy.  I don’t remember now if she had been sewing them incorrectly or just got tired of the block or what.  I sure do like it in my bag though and I’ll think of her and Micki every time I see it.  This one has my first zipper in it! 

bag #2, side 2

I also made two little wallets or change purses for my granddaughters on this weekend.  Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph them before mailing them off to Oklahoma.  So, I’ll try to remember to do that when I visit them next.  They had been asking for wallets for almost a year.  I had even bought a pattern and attempted to make them before, but the pattern made no sense to me and I flubbed them up in a big way.  So, I just winged it again with the little change purses for them.  I did think it through and I made them much smaller than these bags I’m showing today!  I even put a little pocket in each one.  I enjoyed this project more than I can say!  I even had trouble sleeping that night, thinking of ways to improve the little bags and change purses.  I may sew more for gifts or for my etsy shop.


bag #2 showing its snazzy lime green zipper

Here are a few last photos of the second bag closed and both bags open.  Click on any of the photos to enlarge them .  I forgot to mention that the girls loved their change purses.  The youngest wants me to teach her how to sew in a zipper!  She’s never showed any real interest in sewing before this.  Who knows, maybe she’ll quilt one day.   


bag #1 open


bag #2 open

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  1. shirley says:

    Really cute! Especially the first one shown…I vote for having them in your Etsy Shop! Your passion would make them fun & profitable.

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