Happy Mailbox

I got two postcrossing cards in yesterday’s mail.  See, I’m trying to stay on top of them now and not overload you with days on end of postings about them at once. 

# 1

Our first card today comes from Sioux Falls, South Dakota in the grand ol’ USA.  Sha says that Sioux Falls is the largest city in the state and although she was writing the card on the first day of summer, it didn’t feel like summer there to her.  It was cloudy and raining.  She said she’d just make her own sunshine!  I like her attidude.  The postcard shows the St. Joseph Catherdral, an icon of the Catholic presence on the Dakota prairies for over 80 years. 

# 2

The second postcard comes from New Zealand and shows a Royal Albatross chick!  Annie says that New Zealand has many unusual birds, including the kiwi, but that the albatross is the most unusual because they only nest in the city of Taiaroa Heads near Dunedin.  She says the chicks are really large and the parents are enormous.  The area where they nest is a tourist attraction.  She had been there before, but did not get to see any of the albatross.


from Finland

I’ve also got some postage to share with you today from all of the postcards I’ve shown you recently.  Most of the photos I took did not turn out well, so I’ll show you more on another day soon.   Here they are, in no particular order.  I tried to make sure that everything was visible concerning where the postage is from.  If you have questions, just let me know. 


from Finland


from Malaysia


from Italy


from New Zealand

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