A New Pen and Stationery

closed -- the pen is 4 and 1/4" long

I need to see pretty today.  So, I decided it was a good day to show you my new fountain pen and my new stationery!

I’ve wanted a fountain pen for years.  I’ve drooled over them and window shopped, but I could never figure out which one to get — first.  I always felt that I would buy several eventually, but where to start?  If I didn’t like the first one, I might never buy a second.  So, after a lot of looking and reading blogs written about pens, paper and writing, I stumbled upon this little gem.  It is a Kaweco Sport and it was only $15.  Many fountain pens are quite expensive and I just couldn’t start with one of them.  It came with blue ink, which is great and all, but I wanted something special for my first fountain pen.  So, I looked at the inks available for it and found peacock-blue!  I ordered a box of that wonderful sounding color!  When my pen arrived, I took out the cartridge of “regular” blue and put in one of my peacock-blue.  I love it.  I love the pen too.  It’s actually a great pen for me to write with because I have to remember not to bear down too hard, which is something I’ve always done.  It makes my hand hurt after a short time now when I do that.

when the pen is open, with the cap on the top, it is 5 and 1/4" long

I got this lovely stationery while on my quilt retreat a couple of weeks ago.  The peach colored cards were on sale at the Paper Source.  I might not have gotten them otherwise.  Peach is not a favorite color of mine.  I’m so glad that I did though because the cards are thick and luxurious.  I love writing on them.  I wish I had more of them actually!

The butterfly stationery is a box of loose sheets with envelopes.  It is apparently very difficult to find loose sheets nowadays.  I got these at Papyrus, along with the Gramma cards.  I haven’t used either of them yet, but will soon.  I hope my pen writes as well on them as it did the peach cards.

What about you?  Do you ever hand write letters now?

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4 Responses to A New Pen and Stationery

  1. Martha Wolf says:

    There is no substitute for a hand written note, especially when using a fountain pen. I’ve used one my whole life, when I learned to write in Germany as a little kid, we used fountain pens in school. I still prefer to write “real” thank you notes!

    • Learning to write with a fountain pen! That is so cool! I’d never heard that before from anyone. I’m totally jealous. 😉 I’m really enjoying my little fountain pen and I hope to get another one soon. Thanks for your comment Martha!


  2. Martha wolf says:

    I want to add that when I started school in Germany in the late 60’s, we not only learned to write with a fountain pen, but we learned cursive script first. Printing letters was not taught until the third grade there. I understand that today, there are schools in the US that no longer teach cursive at all and I find that tragic.

    • That is just wonderful and amazing to me!

      I share your feelings about the schools in the US not teaching cursive. I truly feel that it will be horribly harmful to our students in the long run.


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