Circle Letter — in the mail

I had intended to take a photo of the circle letter I mailed off this morning, but I forgot.  What is a circle letter, you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you, because I’m quite excited about it!  A circle letter is mailed between a group of people — going from one to another until it eventually comes back the original sender of the first letter.

In the case of our circle letter — which is, at this point, going to cousins on my dad’s side of the family — I wrote the first letter and mailed it to my cousin Marc.  When Marc gets my letter, he’ll read it, write his own to add to mine and mail them to Sundey.  Sundey will read both letters before adding her own and mailing it to Matt.  He’ll mail to Molly.  She’ll mail to Mike and Mike will either mail to our cousin Kelly (if she’s participating) or it will come on back to me.  When I get the packet of letters, I’ll read them all.   Remove my first letter and then add a new one before sending it on its way again to Marc.

There are three cousins who have not been asked to join us, only because we don’t really know how to reach them at this point.  Maybe later.  I’m hoping this will be a way for us to reconnect to each other.  We’ve drifted apart over the last decade of so.  This will be a step in changing that.

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