In the Mail Today

Fortunately, there is almost always good mail after a holiday day off for the post office.  Going to check on my mail fills me with anticipation, similar to Christmas morning.  Opening that little door brings a smile to my face or a feeling of being let down.  I’ve always been like this.  Even as a child, when I never got mail if it wasn’t near my birthday, I always loved to go check the mail for my momma.  (To this day, I have to fight myself not to check my son’s mail when I’m visiting in Oklahoma.)  Today brought two postcrossing postcards, a Netflix movie and a surprise!

# 1

Our first postcard comes from Ingrid in the Netherlands.  She says that she lives in Zwolle, a beautiful city which has 120,000 citizens.  She says there is always something to do there.  That “in the center are many old buildings, monuments and fountains that are real eye catchers”.  She was kind enough to translate the front of the card.  It says “I’m feeling like summer!!!”.  What a cute kiddo!  I just love his little hair halo — sticking straight up with the sun shining through!

# 2

The second postcard is from Tamara in Slovenia.  She sends a card from the spa Catez where she and her family went recently for a short vacation.  She says it’s a “true water paradise for children (and grown ups too).  I think they probably had a really good time by the size of the smily face she added!  Looks like a great place to visit to me too. 

my surprise from Elle!

My surprise mail comes from Elle over at Art of a Letter.  I did not expect this and was so very pleased to see her beautiful artwork in my mailbox again!  She designed the stationery she used.  See the lovely purple coneflowers.  Did you notice that she even color coordinated the postage stamp to the mail?  And she sent a darling little envelope with some of her creations for me to use in my own mail art. 

the full page -- oh so pretty!

Yes, she’s attempting to get me into mail art again!  I’ve done fiber postcards in the past and I really did enjoy it, but they could be a lot of work and I only had one sewing machine that I could finish the edges on.  So, I stopped doing it.  Elle mentioned an idea for a fiber card that I had not thought of though!  It’s much simpler and I think it just might work.  You may just get one in the mail one day. 

the stickers and the front of the little envelope they came in

As for her little mail art stickers — wow!  I love that I’ll be able to add her wonderful butterfly and coneflower to some of my own mail going out.  And I love the little mail escargo sticker to!  In fact, I wish she would make that into a rubber stamp!  I’d buy it in a heart beat!  LOVE it!  Did you notice that even the tape she used to close the little envelope that the stickers were in was decorated with coneflowers?  It shows in the first of the Elle photos.  Enlarge the photo by clicking on it to see it better.  Now, I would not normally show someone’s address in my post, but she has her’s listed on her blog and we both have P.O. Boxes, so I feel that it’s OK this time.  Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what I had in the mail today.

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  1. Ahhh… the beauty & love of receiving handmades!! That is so beautiful – you can just FEEL the time she put into making it; color coordinating everything. I adore that stuff & you are so deserving of it, my friend! 🙂 Oh – I’m a “mail box snooper” as well (LOL!) What is that? No matter whose house I’m at, I go for their mailbox, especially my mother’s. What stopped me, however, was one time I brought in mail for a friend & it was a paternity test again her hubby. Ooops!!! LOL!! Thanks for sharing your pretty 🙂

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