Rain haiku

There has been a very slight chance of rain the last couple of days.  So far, it hasn’t amounted to much.  The drought has me fantasizing about rain.  I listen to the sounds of rain on my sound machine each night lately as I try to sleep.    I hope you enjoy my rain haiku.

1. I dream of rain now                                                                                                                                                                                        falling slowly from the sky

 to fill my spirit

2. drumming on metal

steadily on roof above

rain drops sound cheerful

3. plop, plop, the rain falls

cooler breezes touch my cheek

I breathe it all in

4. moisture heaven-sent

to wet parched earth below us

the hungry ground drinks

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2 Responses to Rain haiku

  1. perfect!! “Rain” in word form 🙂 Our ‘hungry grounds’ could really use ‘a drink’ up this way!

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