Shaken and Sad

I was not watching last night’s Texas Rangers baseball game.  I had intended to go to Dallas for the quilt guild meeting, but changed my mind and stayed home.  Then, I forgot about the game until after 8 PM.  I turned it on, but didn’t watch it.  I was feeling very cold for some reason, so I laid down, under a quilt and fell asleep.

I got on the computer a little while ago and read about the horrible accident that occurred in the second inning of the game.  Josh Hamilton threw a ball up to a fan, who was calling to him asking for the ball.  The fan was in the upper deck, he leaned over to catch the ball and fell 20 feet to land on cement.  The fan was there with his young son.

When the emergency personnel got to him, he asked them to make sure his son was OK.  He was told that his son would be taken care of.  An hour later, Mr. Stone, a Lieutenant in the Brownwood Fire Department died.

I cannot express my sorrow over this accident.  Mr. Stone’s wife and young son are in my thoughts and prayers.  So, is Josh Hamilton and the other Texas Rangers.  I cannot begin to know how any of them is feeling on this sunny, hot Texas day.  I’m sure they must be in shock, because I would be.  I’m just so very sorry this happened.

I started my index card art today.  I often use art to work through difficult situations.  I am not making light of this accident in any way by showing what I did, which is really just a doodle and some of my quick thoughts.

If you want to check in on the other ICAD art, please go to Daisy Yellow.

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8 Responses to Shaken and Sad

  1. Jaki says:

    A very, very sad situation especially given his young son was with him! My prayers (from the UK) are also with the family and people involved in this situation. I like the way you’ve drawn doodled out your thoughts.

  2. MJ says:

    Thanks for sharing your tribute for all in this tragic story. My heart goes out to them…

  3. Dianne says:

    what a terrible tragedy about the baseball fan, but glad you could use art to work through the sadness…

  4. Snap says:

    It was a very sad accident. I understand that this is not the first death at the stadium. So very sad. Art is a wonderful way to work through feelings.

  5. Verna says:

    Such a sad story. As heartbreaking as that story is, art is always great to get those feeling out Great use of your index card ar.

  6. Mary says:

    Sorry to hear about this accident….how terrible for the family of this young father.

  7. Tammy says:

    The accident at the rangers game has been on my mind as well, how heartbreaking. It is good though to use art when we need to, for happy or sad. Thank you for being part of the ICAD crew!

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