My 4th and 5th icad


I never got online to post yesterday, but I did make my index card art for the day.  I hope you like it.  I was looking over quotes and found this one by Langston Hughes.  It really spoke to me.  Good quotes are one of my favorite things on earth.  I’m so glad to find this index card art as a way to work with quotes that I like and want to keep!


The card for today is about what I’ll be up to this weekend.  I’m headed to Oklahoma tomorrow.  This weekend, we will celebrate my second grandchild’s ninth birthday.  Last December, I told the kids that I planned to stop buying gifts the way they were used to.  That instead, I’d like to start doing special things with them.  I would really like to build memories instead of adding to the clutter of stuff they have in their rooms.  I had intended for each “gift” to be for the child alone.  I wanted us to have special alone time together.  Well, so far, each child has wanted to include their siblings.  They want everyone to get to have fun!  The oldest grandchild asked to go roller skating for her birthday in January. We all went and had a wonderful time together.  The middle child asked to ride a roller coaster for her birthday in July.  We are planning to go to Frontier Land which has three roller coasters!  The whole family plans to go.  It’s also supposed to be 109 degrees that day!  I’m looking forward to going to ride the roller coasters with the kids.  I’m looking forward to showing the oldest grandchild that I won’t upchuck when I do ride the roller coasters.  I’m also, already, looking forward to getting back into the air-conditioned car and house when it’s over.

More from Oklahoma tomorrow and in the days to come.  I’ll be there about a week.

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  1. Chris says:

    Love your post card art Sharon. Please have a safe trip. Looking forward to reading about your escapades while you’re away.

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