The Birthday Girl did NOT like the Roller Coaster!

On the Diamond Back -- Before we get going!

My middle granddaughter asked to go ride roller coasters for her birthday last December.  That is when I told the children that I wanted to do things with them for their birthdays.  So, she’s been looking forward to this weekend for seven months!

We got up.  Got dressed.  Put on sunscreen and headed out to Frontier City, where they have three roller coasters, so that we could be there when they first opened at 10:30 a.m.  We wanted to beat as much of the heat as possible today.  We had a plan. It was my plan.  We were going to ride the Wildcat first.  It’s the wooden roller coaster and we thought it was probably the slowest.  Then the Silver Bullet looked to be the next fastest or scariest.  The Diamond Back was going to be the last one we rode today.  It looked really scary.

The birthday girl is hot and ready to go!

Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans.  The Diamond Back was right inside the gate we entered.  So, I piped up and said, “Let’s go ahead and ride it!”  There was no line to speak of, you see.   So, we climbed the stairs and got on the ride.  It was hell on wheels!  Except I don’t think there were really wheels.  This sucker went REALLY FAST!!!  There was a loop that took us totally upside down and then it stopped and did the whole thing in reverse.  None of us liked that thing — at — all — and it had flat-out scared all three kids!

After we got out of the Diamond Back — some of us ran, some of us crawled — we went back down the stairs and through the gift shop to the rest of the park.  The girls wanted to ride what I think was called the Merchant Schooner.  It was a big “ship” that sailed back and forth, going higher and higher each time.  Apparently the girls saw it as the ride was coming to the end and slowing down.  They thought it was slow and not high.  They wanted to ride it.  My grandson refused.  He and I sat it out while dad and the girls went to ride.  By the time they got off, they wanted to go home!  This ride scared them too.

grandson eating a bit

Time for a break and lunch to see if they’ll want to continue on or if it’s really time to leave.  Since none of us had breakfast for fear of upchucking on the roller coasters, we decide a bit of food was in order and water would surely hit the spot at this point.  It was sure hot out there today.

As it turned out, we each ate a bit and then we did decide to go on home.  After all, this visit to Frontier City was my birthday gift to my granddaughter and she was not having a good time.  She wanted to go home.  So, we went home (after 2 rides and an hour and 15 minutes, possibly a record!).  I think she’s decided that she may ask for a trip to a movie next year.   As for her actual birthday, tomorrow, we’ll have cake and maybe a trip out to lunch or dinner.  And I do believe this is a birthday gift she will never forget.  Happy Birthday Sweetheart!  I love you!

Dad and big sister talking it over, while brother starts to eat


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