Birthday Festivities!

I got to sleep in!  Gramma was a happy camper.  Yesterday, my grandson busted in the bedroom and woke me up to ask if he could play Wii.  Last night, before he went to bed, I told him that when he got up this morning, he needed to use the bathroom and then if he did not wake me, he could play Wii.  If he did wake me, he could not play it.

After everyone was up, the birthday girl opened her other gifts.  Then, a little later, we went out to IHOP (her choice) for the birthday girl lunch.

The kids and I baked the cake last night, but saved the decorating for today.  That has pretty much become our tradition.  We bake it together and then they decorate it themselves.  They really enjoy that.  The girls decorated after the birthday lunch out.  Originally, it was going to have red flowers on it, but they had a little trouble with the decorator icing.  They forgot to buy tips for the icing, so we put the red and the green in zip lock bags and cut the tips off.  It was just a bit too much to handle.  As for the last  line on the cake that reads “she2 9”, there was only one “s” so they improvised.  The birthday girl was happy with the cake, it tastes just fine, so I am happy too.

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