I Returned Home yesterday to Snail Mail!

I came home from Oklahoma a couple of days early.  We had all had a good visit and my granddaughter had a good birthday, despite the frightening, expensive and incredibly short roller coaster experience.  The kids all wanted to go see the baby sitter and the other kids today, so I figured I might as well come on home.  I’ll be going back up there for a full week soon while the sitter is on vacation.

I had some great mail waiting for me when I got home!  Three postcrossing postcards, one letter from a friend, one sweet prize from a blog giveaway and another really cool postcard from my new mail art friend Elle Mental.  And on to the show…


# 1

The first postcard today comes from South Dakota.  My first from that great state.  It says “Greetings from your neighbors to the north!  We are a homeschooling, dairy-farming family.  We also enjoy horses, and have an old Amish buggy to drive.  Happy Postcrossing!”  The poem on the front is “Out Where The West Begins” by Arthur Chapman.  I think you’ll be able to read it if you click on the photo to enlarge it.

# 2

The second postcard shows St. Isaac’s Cathedral.  It lists the dates 1818 – 58, which I’m guessing is how long it took to build the Cathedral.  It says “Hello!  My name is Nadya.  I live in St. Petersburg, Russia.  I like to draw and swim.  (My mum helps me with postcards.) I am 8 years old.”  Isn’t that just darling?  I wish I could get my grandkids interested in postcrossing.

# 3

The third postcard comes from Finland.   Ari wrote this card while visiting their summer cottage on the island of lake Puula (I think).  It was raining at the time and she could hear thunder too.  (Oh how I would love to hear rain and thunder right now myself!)  The church on the front was built between 1811 – 1814 and is a double cross shape.  It has 1500 seats.  I just love this church!  I must have looked at the postcard three or four times before I noticed the headstones too!

the cool envelope from Pamela

This next group of photos are not going to do them justice.  I know it.  I’m sorry.  And to be honest, I should have taken a photo between each little act of opening each part.  I’m new to mail art and the fun of it.  I just kept squealing and making other little sounds of delight and wonder as I opened this up.  Pamela has a blog, which is where I first found her.  The blog is CappuccinoAndArtJournal.

all the cool stuff inside the envelope from Pamela

A week or so back, she had a give away of a full sheet of great old postage stamps.  Well, of course, I had to try for them!  Sadly, I did not win the full sheet.  But she got lots of happy comments during the contest and decided to  give out stamps to ten more people.  I was one of those lucky ten!  Aren’t they great?



vintage 8 cent postage stamps!


even the back of the stamps is cool

from elle mental

And as wonderful as all the great things were from Pamela, I think my favorite mail was from Elle Mental.  Her art really speaks to me.  Shoots right to my heart each time!  Those who know me well will recognize right off why I loved this so very much.  You see — I’m a coke addict — not diet coke, but the real thing!  I drink way too many of these things!  So, when I saw this I pretty much screamed with joy!  I’ll show you the wonderful “stamp” she made of the coke wall tomorrow.  This is way too long and it will give you something wonderful to look forward to.  Hope you’ve enjoyed my mail as much as I have.

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