This Heat Reminds Me

When I was a kid, we did not have central air, we had window units.  It didn’t matter how hot it got, they did not get turned on until June 1st.  That was daddy’s rule and it was not allowed to be broken.  Finally, after my parents divorced, we got to turn on the air conditioner if it was hot, when it got hot, no matter the date on the calendar.  We kids still had to ask first though.

Still, the house was hot at times.  So, being the fairly weird kid that I was (actually, I may have been a teenager at this point), I built myself a little “bedroom” under the window unit in the dining room!  I used one of the dining room chairs as a nightstand.  I put my bedside lamp on it so that I could read at night.  I put lots of blankets on the floor to use as a bed and I turned all of the air conditioner vents down toward me!  I was — hurray! — cool and comfortable all night.

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