ICAD for Monday

first attempt to draw bears

I tried to draw a variety of things today — a cartoon like angel (only did part of her head) and some lettering practice for journaling.  None of it looked particularly good.  Then I remembered that I had wanted to try to draw three brown bear cubs that I’d found in my Sierra Club calendar.  The photo I used was taken by Patrick J. Endres.  They looked better before I added the colored pencil.  I wish now that I had gone over them in black ink and then attempted to water-color them.  Maybe another time.  Really, the only thing I feel that I got pretty much right in this little drawing is the first (skinny looking bear on the left) bears face.  I like his little face.  The poor bear on the right needs some help.  He looks like a cross between a koala and a science experiment.  Still, I’ve never attempted to draw bears before and I’ll learn from it, I’m sure.  So, it was a success, no matter how it looks.

I’ll have a mail post for you tomorrow.

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