My Recent Mail

# 1

This is the mail from last week.  Three Postcrossing cards and one really fun unexpected postcard!

The first Postcrossing postcard comes from Evelyn in Taiwan and shows the “Calligraphic legacy of Asia”.  She has drawn several darling little things on the back of the card, which I forgot to photograph.  I’ll try to share them with you later.  The calligraphy on the front of this card looks like it should be hanging as art all the time.  I hope it is.

# 2 a greeting card, came in an envelope

The second card is from the Netherlands.  She says “Hello.  I am Senah, 9 years old.  I like cats, dogs and chicken.  Greetings.”  I love this!  Now, I’m guessing that she likes live chickens instead of eating chicken, but I could be wrong.  I love that young kids participate in this too!  Gives me hope for the future of hand writing.

# 3

I’m sure the photo of the third card is not nearly as pretty as the card itself.  The lovely fall color comes from Ano in China.  I’m going to share all of what she has written because I think it is so lovely.  “In my country, people say “Hearts always united, remain happy married to a ripe old age” to couple, to wish them, Today, All blessings to you and your husband.  Wish you happy every day!”  Isn’t that the sweetest wish?

4th and last for today, Edward Gorey postcard

The last postcard today comes from Jackie at Letters & Journals.  She has shown 15 postcards by Edward Gorey in her blog.  I’m fairly new to reading her blog, so I’ve only seen a few of them, but this is my very favorite, so far.  She posted it earlier in the month and said she was going to send it to one of the people who had left a comment on a previous posting about the Gorey postcards.  I was the lucky person picked!  I almost left a comment telling her how much I liked this card, but I didn’t want to be seen as trying to influence her.  I think the girl is an island princess.  She’s wearing pearls that the men have brought to her when attempting to woo her.  She is expected to pick one of these men soon to marry, but she doesn’t really want to marry any of them because she feels that they are all too old or too young, so to escape her princess duties, at night she rides the sea creature out in the moon light.  See, I’ve made up a whole life for her.  Thank you, Jackie.  I squealed with delight when I saw her in my mailbox.

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