Home Crafted Stationery

the outside of envelope #1 with the template

stationery decorated by my granddaughters

I’ve been busy writing letters and making envelopes to mail them in!  And I have had f-u-n doing it too!  You may not know or remember that I am a new fountain pen owner.  I’ve never used one before getting this little one, but I really do enjoy it.  Since getting it, I’ve become quite a paper snob!  I want to write on thick, substantial paper, as I use my fountain pen.  Finding stationery isn’t as easy as it used to be and quite frankly, I can’t always afford what I do find.  I was reading a post on The Purple Penhead which mentioned that she had purchased a ream of 32 lb. HP laser paper to use as her stationery and that her fountain pen worked beautifully on it.  So, I went out and bought some to try myself.  My granddaughters and I had decorated several sheets of it during my last visit with them.  I used some of it tonight and I love it!   The fountain pen ink does not bleed through, although some of the rubber stamps did.  I think the girls were extra heavily inking them.  This paper is indeed thick, so it makes me feel like I’m writing on actual stationery.  I love the size too.  I can use it as is, or cut it in half, which is a popular size of stationery now.

the inside of the first envelope

There was one piece of paper that my oldest granddaughter had stamped on both sides.  I used it to make the first envelope.  I ripped and folded it so that it had the circle dot pattern on the outside of the envelope and a cute little mouse image stamped on the inside, kind of like a more expensive lined envelope!  Isn’t it cute?  It’s going out in tomorrow’s mail.  I wonder who will get this first one?

the template package

You’ll notice in the top photo, that there is a rectangle missing from the template.  After you’ve ripped the paper, you place the rectangle back into the template, then remove the outer portion (shown in the top photo).  You use the rectangle to fold the paper to make your envelope.  The template is clear, with a bit of writing so it was easy to put the little mice where I wanted to.

I first read about the envelope templates on the blog Just Letter Rip in this post.  I’ve seen other posts on making envelopes and envelope templates, but I really liked that this template sounded and looked like it would be easy to use.  I needed easy to use.  So I got on there, figured out which template I wanted, got it (the A2 size)  and 2 bottles of the envelope glue too.  I love the envelope glue!

the inside of the envelope before it's sealed up

I am really enjoying making envelopes with this template and using the paper my granddaughters helped me decorate is special to me.  I hope that everyone who gets some of this “stationery” will like it and realize it is a treasure — at least to me!

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  1. Oh! I love the envelope – your granddaughters did the stamping? Great job! And yes, stationary is hard to find. Bravo to you for keeping the art of snail mail alive – especially w/your new fountain pen 🙂

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