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Just a Tad Political

I’m a Texan, born in Dallas.  My parents were born in Texas, as were my grandparents (to the best of my knowledge).  I do not like to talk politics.  Despite this, I have to say that if the Governor of … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Happenings

It has been a fairly relaxing Sunday.  I got to sleep later than I do during the school week.  I even took a little nap this afternoon because I had a headache.  I read a post today on a relaxation … Continue reading

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Mail Art — In the Mail

I’m having a booger of a time, getting the post about the mail art I made this week to come out the way I want it to.  WordPress does not like photo heavy posts, especially if they are light on writing.  So, … Continue reading

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The Weekend

The kids are home from school and, as far as I am concerned, the weekend has officially started here.  I took the kids to Sonic for drinks after everyone got home today.  It was time to celebrate surviving the school week, actually … Continue reading

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Change is in the Air!

As we walked out the door this morning to go to the school bus stop, there was a wonderful difference in the air!  Change is coming and it will, eventually become fall in Oklahoma.  I’m guessing it will even arrive in … Continue reading

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I am Grateful Today for…

family, in all shapes, sizes and ages having a purpose libraries! books that get my creative urges flowing sleep money to pay the bills air conditioners that work artistic expression, everyone’s — even if I don’t understand it all the time … Continue reading

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I love comments

Hopefully, this won’t be too confusing. I try to answer each comment my blog gets because I truly love comments and want to keep them coming on in!  I am notified by email, each time I get a comment.  There for a … Continue reading

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Library Heaven!

I am totally in love with the neighborhood library here!  It is at least 4 times larger than my own neighborhood library.  There are people working at the information desk!  Actual live people!  You can go on up to them and ask … Continue reading

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What can I say?

Well, I made it here on Saturday with no real problems.  I hadn’t slept well in three nights before hitting the road to come up here.  So, I was really tired while driving.  At one point, I got really sleepy.  … Continue reading

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This is my 768th post.  Can you believe that?  I can’t. Just wanted to let you all know that I’m headed to OK tomorrow for an indefinite length of time.  It’s such a long story that I don’t think you’d … Continue reading

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