Do you loan through KIVA?

If not, now is the perfect time to start!  They are giving away 4000 — $25 loans if you loan through someone who has loaned in the past.  This giveaway is only lasting through the 13th of August, 2011 or until the 4000 are given away.  When I checked a little while ago, there were over 3, 300 remaining.  I’m sure they will go fast (it started at 9 a.m. today), so if you want to cash in on this deal go NOW and check it out!  Use this link to get right to where you want to be:  They are giving away some Kiva merchandise to those who get a certain number to join in on this giveaway.  I’m not interested in anything for myself.  I believe in Kiva.  If I should get any of the merchandise, I’ll have a giveaway myself — giving whatever I get from Kiva to whoever gives to Kiva during this drive.  Now, get on off this blog posting and click on the link to see if there are any of the free $25 loans left!

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