My Second Grandchild Date This Week

It is after 8:30 PM and it is still 101 degrees F here in Oklahoma where I’m visiting my grandkids and son.  I am so ready for fall this year.  I have had more than enough of this summer!

My oldest granddaughter and I went out for our one on one time tonight.  A first for us.  We had dinner at Panera Bread Cafe.  I had not eaten there since I was in a book club many years ago and would meet some of the members at a location in Dallas, on occasion, to discuss our book of the month.  It sure made me miss Marianne, who passed away several years ago and Kim who I have not seen since the book club disbanded.  My granddaughter had never eaten there before.

We had a little trouble deciding what to order at first, but thanks to help of the folks working there, we both decided on salads with bread on the side.  I got the Strawberry, Poppy-seed and Chicken Salad and my granddaughter got the Grilled Chicken Caesar.  We both got a cookie for dessert and we both really liked our meal.  Although my granddaughter said her cookie was the best part of her dinner.

After dinner, we went by GNC to get me some vitamins and then made a quick stop at Hobby Lobby.  We didn’t buy a thing there, but found several tempting things.  Then we went to the local library and we both got library cards.  I was amazed at how easy it was for me to legally get a Oklahoma City library card!  And the library here is fabulous!  It’s at least three times as big as my local library, plus it’s open daily!  I was so shocked and pleased.  My granddaughter had not been thrilled about the thought of going to the library, but she put a book on reserve, so we’ll be going back on Thursday.  Hopefully, we’ll get books for the other kids then too.

Another fun one on one outing was had by all.

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