Give Me Strength

My precious grandson sings constantly.  Now, this is not your normal singing.  This is singing with his lips together, but it’s not really a hum and not really a song.  I don’t know how else to describe it.  And it’s basically nonstop.  I’m going out of my mind today because of it.  I have a headache, I’m irritable and I’m getting a bit twitchy.  This is Wednesday.  I’ll be here until at least Saturday.  Lord, please give me strength and maybe a hug from a little boy who doesn’t know just how hard I’m trying not to scream at him.

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2 Responses to Give Me Strength

  1. LOL! I know exactly what you mean, Grandma!! My son hums when he gets nervous or while he’s watching a show (???) It drives me insane & I don’t even think he realizes he’s doing it. He has a deep voice, so it sounds like a cow dying! (LOL!) I take it for as long as I can, then I have to tell him to stop. Hang in there & get that hug! 🙂

  2. Thank you so very much, Tracey! It does help to know that my grandson is not the only one who does this and that I am not the only one being driven nuts at times! I did really well the first 4 and a half days with it. I was able to tune it out and at times, I even found it cute. You’re right, he doesn’t seen to even notice that he does it. It’s just a part of him. Every once in a while, I’ll tell him to stop and he will — for a while, then he starts again.

    Thanks again.


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