In My Mailbox

I had intended to post about my mail last Monday.  Unfortunately, I didn’t feel quite up to par that night, so I didn’t post.  Tonight though, I can’t sleep and I’m feeling more like myself, so it’s a good time to write.  Some of these items are from Postcrossing members and some are from other friends.

the first card from Tracey

The first two items I’m showing tonight are wonderful little  friendship cards from my blog friend Tracey.  She made them herself and I do think they’re both just lovely!   She is always so very sweet and she always seems to think of me just when I need it most.  Thank you, Tracey.


the inside of the first card from Tracey

the 2nd card from Tracey, with envelope

from Michaela

The first postcrossing postcard comes from Michaela, who lives close to Washington DC.  She is 22 and loves to bake cupcakes, shop, watch movies, read and play video games.  She sent this postcard of a pug bridal couple because she thought it was funny.  I like it very much and I know my granddaughters will too.  They love pugs!  Michaela’s card was very cute on the back too.  She added sparkly stickers and wrote her message in several  different colors — very fun!

from Carmen in Spain

The next postcard is from Carmen in Spain.  Unfortunately, a few of the hand-written words on the back are a bit difficult for me to read.  She wrote the card while in Orichuela (this is one of the words I can’t really make out), a city located in the southeast of the country.  She says it’s a beautiful, historic city with a lot of monuments, art and culture.  Her postcard shows a typical summer picture of Postiguet Beach in Alicante.

from Kees in the Netherlands

The next wonderful postcard shows birds of the Netherlands and is from Kees.  It shows the most common forest birds that they have there, but of course, it doesn’t show all of the birds in the area.  There are way too many to fit on a postcard.  It’s one of my favorite cards to date.  I do love birds!

from Chris

The next postcard is from another blog friend.  This one is from Chris.  She wrote the postcard while volunteering at her local library when things were slow.  This is a cute card that my granddaughters will love as much as I do also.  Chris is another one of those sweet blog friends who just happens to send me things that arrive when I’m feeling blue.  She’s got a knack for it.  Thank you, Chris!

There are a couple of more postcards, but I’m going to save them for the next mail post.  Until later….

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  1. GASP!!! Lookey there – it’s my cards, it’s my cards!!! (hhhhaa!!) Imagine my surprise when I went to my inbox & saw that. I’m sitting thinking ‘that card looks familiar’ – DUH! I am SO glad you like them Sharon, and I appreciate you sharing them with your readers. But mostly, I am glad the cards reach you right when you need them most. 🙂 That just made my day, dear friend. You have such a gorgeous collection of cards, esp. your Postcrossings. I love looking at them. Blessings to you.

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