More Postcards and Other Mail Stuff

I have a couple of postcards and some other mail related things that I’ve wanted to show you for a while.  Tonight is the night.  I’m watching the Texas Rangers play the Los Angeles Angels, writing to all of you and generally having a good night. 


# 1

The first postcard is a thank you for a postcrossing card that I had sent. It is from Jamaica in the Philippines. The front of the card shows a shot of part of the Hundred Islands.  She says that the Philippines boasts of beaches and that the Hundred Islands is just a part of the 7,107 islands and islets that compose her country! Wow. I had no idea there were that many islands in the Philippines!


the back of postcard # 1

She used lovely fish stamps, some stickers and a glitter pen to write my address, making it a really fun card to get. She also has beautiful handwriting!





# 2


This Postcrossing postcard (#2) comes from Robin. She says that she stayed overnight at the Columbia Hotel in Ashland, Oregon after spending a month camping out! She had just finished a month of trail work along the Pacific Coast Trail and had literally camped out for a month straight! I tell you all, right now, she is a stronger woman than I am! I love the postcard. I love pen and ink drawings, so this just tickled that love.


envelopes from hand stamped papers and scrapbooking paper

That’s all of the postcards for tonight.  I’m all caught up on them!  Next, I want to show you some of what I’ve been creating lately!  I think I’d mentioned in an earlier post that I got a template for making envelopes.  Well, I’ve been making them from paper that my granddaughters and I have decorated and I’ve made some from scrapbooking paper too.  Lots of fun! 


the "Martha Stewart" envelopes

That’s not all of the envelopes that I’ve made though!  No siree!  I remembered that I’d been saving a water damaged copy of Martha Stewart’s Gardening.  It was very difficult for me — for a few seconds, that is — and then I just cut right into that big old, formerly expensive book!   These are my favorites.  I’ll be using them soon, probably as is. 


first set of whamper-jawed Martha envelopes

Now, I did make some others that I think are pretty, but they’re kind of whamper-jawed looking.  These are also from the Martha book.  I think they’d be a perfect backdrop for mail art!  Actually, all of these envelopes could be a backdrop for mail art.  I wonder what all I’ll end up doing with them and to them before they are sent off?  Only time will tell. 


second set of whamper-jawed Martha envelopes

What about you?  Are you interested in mail art?  What can you see yourself doing to these envelopes? 

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