This is my 768th post.  Can you believe that?  I can’t.

Just wanted to let you all know that I’m headed to OK tomorrow for an indefinite length of time.  It’s such a long story that I don’t think you’d really want to read it all.  The short version is that the kids can’t attend the same out-of-district school that they attended last year.  The neighborhood school they are now attending is on the other side of town from the cousin who watched them before and after school (and during the summer).  So, not only can she no longer watch the kids, she can’t pick up the little fellow who gets out of school earlier than his sisters because she wouldn’t get back in time to pick up her own little ones.  So, the best option, at this point, is for me to go up and make sure everyone gets to school and gets home safely and is cared for until dad gets home.

I will be able to post to my blog while I’m there.  I’m even planning a bit of blog maintenance over the next week or so.  So, if you happen to come check me out here and find weird stuff happening, please let me know.  The last time I attempted anything like this, all kinds of goblins ran amuck and very old posts started showing on the blog.

That’s it for now folks!  Y’all have a good one.  I’ll talk to you soon.

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4 Responses to 768

  1. Se'lah says:

    safe travels, beautiful one.

    one love.

  2. pamq says:

    Well, now I’m totally confused, but as long as you know what you are doing, everything is cool……


    Good luck on the maintenance….hope those goblins don’t go wild!

  3. Grandma to the rescue! I am so glad your being there will put everything in it’s place, plus I’m sure the kids will feel so much more comfortable with all the changes & you being there. 🙂

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