Look at What I Found this week!

Sometimes, it pays not to clean out your desk drawers!

stationery folio

I grew up writing letters.  I had occasional pen pals through school and I had friends who moved away that I wrote to.  As I got older, the time between the letters stretched farther and farther, until they stopped all together.  I still wrote letters on occasion and I loved stationery, but letter writing was not a regular part of my life for a long time — more than a decade, I’m sure.  There was a time when it was easy to find stationery in just about any store you cared to go into.  The variety of stationery back then was wonderful too!  I often bought it even if I didn’t plan to write letters because you just never knew when it would come in handy for a quick note!

the open folio

About a week ago, I was looking through a deep desk drawer for a particular type of greeting card, hoping I had something appropriate on hand and could save myself a drive to the Hallmark store.  After all, there are some situations in which only a Hallmark card will do — at least in my book.  Well, I didn’t find the card I was looking for in that drawer, but you will never guess what I did find — great, old stationery!

the stationery sheets and envelopes

Just look at this stuff!  It’s old Mary Engelbreit cowgirl “greetings” stationery!  I love it!  On the back of the folio, it says there were 16 sheets of paper and 10 envelopes and was priced $10.88.  Wow!  I probably thought that was very expensive back then.  I wish I could find anything remotely like this for the same price now!  I have 4 envelopes left and only 5 sheets of paper remaining.  It’s also dated 1994 on the inside and outside of the folio.  I have a fondness for Mary Engelbreit and I also have a fondness for her drawings of girls with glasses!  Right now, I’m just enjoying looking at this paper.  Soon, I’m sure I’ll start to use it again.  I sure will hate to use the last sheet.  It will feel like the end of an era.

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