What can I say?

Well, I made it here on Saturday with no real problems.  I hadn’t slept well in three nights before hitting the road to come up here.  So, I was really tired while driving.  At one point, I got really sleepy.  So, I stopped at the next little store I saw and bought sunflower seeds.  Eating them while driving keeps me awake.  You just have to plan on having some sort of bag or container for the shells.  Works like a charm.  Try if for yourself next time.

I read all of these on the first day

I was almost as good as new by Sunday.  Good enough to realize that I may not have brought enough to keep me busy during the day while the kids are in school.  So, I headed to the local library and got several books, while putting several others on reserve.  I read these three PostSecret books on the first day.  If you’ve never read a PostSecret book, you may want to check out their website to see what it’s all about before getting one.  He posts new secrets every Sunday.  Some of the secrets are funny, some are sad and some are disgusting.  Just depends on who is reading them I guess.  I like them myself.  I also got a cookbook.  My son has picked out three recipes for us to try soon.  And I got the book Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott.

I’m trying to figure out what to do about Postcrossing while I’m here.  I can leave it as is and the postcards will go to my home in TX for my hubby to eventually pick up at the PO and scan to send to me.  Or I can change my mailing address to my son’s house while I’m here.  Or I could put myself on the “inactive” list until I get home.  The only way I can really continue to post about the postcards is to have them sent here, but I know they wouldn’t all arrive by the time I left and that might drive my son a little nuts.

There isn’t much more to tell yet, but I’m sure there will be later.  Have a good week.  I’ll be here writing again soon.


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  1. Chris says:

    Hi Sharon, “Bird by Bird”! Great book. I’ve read it twice. As a writer myself there are three writers who are at the top of my list as truly know what good writing is and how to write well. They are in no particular order. The first is Natalie Goldberg (Writing Down the Bones, et al.), then Anne Lamott who weaves bits and pieces of her life into her writing (as does Goldberg) and, last but certainly not least, is Julia Cameraon of the “Aristi’s Way”. These three women know a great deal about writing and they are always the ones I go to when I’m stuck in my own writing. Looking forward to hearing what you think about Lamott’s book. Glad you got to OK safely. Take care.

    • So far, I’m really loving “Bird by Bird”! My only problem is that this library is so much larger than my own in TX and they have so many more of the books I’m interested in that I went overboard and got way too many to start with! I am really enjoying seeing and reading all of them. I have two more that I had reserved waiting for me to pick up today. Then I can settle down and just read as fast as I can. I’ll try to write about each of them as I read them. They are all art/craft/writing/letter related books in some way. I even found Yarn Harlot! I’m in reading heaven right now!

      I love Julia Cameron too. I’ve never read Natalie Goldberg. Thank you for telling me about her. I’ll try to find some of her books after this load is returned.


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