I love comments

Hopefully, this won’t be too confusing.

I try to answer each comment my blog gets because I truly love comments and want to keep them coming on in!  I am notified by email, each time I get a comment.  There for a while, I was able to send a reply to that email.  If I cc’d the author of the comment when I replied to it, the reply was posted to the blog as a reply to the comment and the author of the comment had my reply go directly to their email address so that they didn’t miss it.   I just noticed that for the last month or so, my replies to the comments have not been showing up on the post.  I don’t know when it stopped or what I accidentally clicked on that made it stop. As far as I know, the replies have still gone to the authors of the comment.  I’ve gone back today and added my reply to the posts that I know I had replied to, but that had not shown up on the blog.

All I can say to you, my readers and commenters is that I truly love comments.  They make me happy!  They make my day!  I am sorry for the mix up here on my blog and I’ll try to make sure that I fix it, in one way or another.  I sure don’t want you to think I that I don’t want you here and commenting, because I do!

Now, is this all as clear as mud?

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2 Responses to I love comments

  1. Wow… I’m totally confused… (LOL!) Just kidding – I just emailed you about this. I love leaving comments where I go – it let’s the blogger know that not only are you visiting their site, but you have a thought about what they wrote. It doesn’t have to be along, detailed response, but just few words make all the difference, I think 🙂

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