Change is in the Air!

As we walked out the door this morning to go to the school bus stop, there was a wonderful difference in the air!  Change is coming and it will, eventually become fall in Oklahoma.  I’m guessing it will even arrive in Texas at some point!  The air was cooler and it was delicious — eat it with a spoon instead of a fork, don’t want to miss a drop — delicious!  I was so thrilled to feel that change in the air!  When I came back into the house, I checked the temperature on my computer.  It was a heavenly 71 (F) degrees!  I can’t remember the last time I felt a temperature under 80 degrees.  Ahhh…..I’m in love with today.

I mailed off several letters and homemade cards this morning.  I sent them in mail art envelopes that I made yesterday.  I am really enjoying this mail art stuff!  I did take photos, but I don’t yet know if I can blur the addresses on them, like I’ve seen on letter blogs.  If I can’t, I won’t be able to show many of them to you.

More later….

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