The Weekend

The kids are home from school and, as far as I am concerned, the weekend has officially started here.  I took the kids to Sonic for drinks after everyone got home today.  It was time to celebrate surviving the school week, actually more about me surviving it than them.  I am so glad that I don’t have to get up before 7 a.m. tomorrow morning!  I’m having a difficult time adjusting to the new schedule, but I know I will eventually.  Probably just about the time I go back home.

I’m trying to cook for them on this visit.  In the past, my son has considered me a “guest” and hasn’t let me cook.  Now, he’s tired of the frozen foods and fast foods they’ve all been eating, so he’s willing to let me cook.  My plan is for home cooking at least 4 days a week, to start.  Then I may be able to work get it up to 6 days a week before too long.  I don’t cook a lot at home, because there are just my hubby and myself and we’re usually on different schedules.  I like to figure out how to start cooking more there too.

If you happen to have any box tops for education and don’t have a school to send them too, I would love it if you sent them to me!  My grandchildren go to one of the poorer schools in the district and they can really use the box tops for their school!  If you have any, at any time, please send them to me at:

  • Sharon Renick
  • PO Box 404
  • Trinidad, TX  75163

I’ll have my hubby mail them to me here from home.  If I’ve given you the mailing address here at my son’s, feel free to mail them here.  The kids get a little bag of popcorn every time they bring in 10 of the box tops for education.  My middle granddaughter took in 10 today and brought the bag of popcorn home to share with her siblings.  She’s a good kid.

Hope you have a good weekend.  I plan to!

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