Mail Art — In the Mail

# 1 the front of a rubber stamped envelope that I made

I’m having a booger of a time, getting the post about the mail art I made this week to come out the way I want it to.  WordPress does not like photo heavy posts, especially if they are light on writing.  So, rather than have it all whamper-jawed, I’m rewriting the whole doggoned thing.  I’m not an overly happy woman at the moment.

the back of # 2 -- rubber stamped envelope

I sent out 5 pieces of mail art this week — each with a hand written letter or crafted card in it!  I took pictures of each envelope that I made, both front and back, but I forgot to cover the address in some way.  Today, I found a painting feature on my photo program, so I painted out the addresses.  Try to look at the rest of the envelopes and not so much at the ugly painted part.  Hopefully, I’ll get better at this or I’ll remember to cover them in the future.

front of # 3

There are  three things that I think I put on each envelope and will probably continue to — hearts (for my love of heart-shaped rocks), a rubber stamp caricature of myself that I drew and had made several years ago, and I drew a little flower on them.   These all have coin stickers too.  I don’t know if I’ll continue with the stickers on each one, we’ll just have to see.

the back of envelope # 3

The third envelope was made from some scrapbooking paper that I got on sale sometime during the summer.  I loved the little pink hearts.  I had thought of using it for stationery when I first bought it, but changed my mind when one of my friends had surgery this week.   I also used a part of one of my granddaughter’s drawings on this one.

front of # 4

The fourth and fifth envelopes were made with pages from a water damaged Martha Stewart gardening book.  I wish more of the book had this type of paper.  Most of it was very slick, glossy paper that my rubber stamp ink would not dry on!  I’ll have to try to figure out how to use the other (glossy) pages later.

the front of envelope # 5

In rewriting this post, I ended up leaving out some of the photos.  A couple were kind of blurry.  I hope you enjoyed seeing what I’ve been working on this week.  I’ve really enjoyed making these little bits of mail art.

the back of # 4

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