Sunday’s Happenings

It has been a fairly relaxing Sunday.  I got to sleep later than I do during the school week.  I even took a little nap this afternoon because I had a headache.  I read a post today on a relaxation breathing technique over on the Pioneer Woman’s blog.  It has helped me , to some degree, to get through the girls doing their weekly chores.  I had forgotten how difficult is to watch a child learn how to do chores around the house.  I’d rather pull my own teeth than do this, but unfortunately, I pretty much have to watch so that I can actually teach them how to use a broom or a mop or any of a number of things they are supposed to be doing.  Lord, help me!  Give me patience and keep me from getting grumpy!  I’d rather do all of this stuff all by myself.  But that would defeat the purpose of them learning to do it themselves.  I think I need to go to some more of those deep belly breaths.

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2 Responses to Sunday’s Happenings

  1. pamq says:

    I always do something close to that when I have a headache, but I do it laying in bed……

    I lay on my side, pull the covers over my head and breath very deeply and really, really, really focus on my breathing. Eventually it is all I hear and it kinda becomes “me”….all I am is breathing.

    Then if I can drift off to sleep while in that state, it is super deep, restful sleep and often my headache is much better or gone when I wake up.


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