Just a Tad Political

I’m a Texan, born in Dallas.  My parents were born in Texas, as were my grandparents (to the best of my knowledge).  I do not like to talk politics.  Despite this, I have to say that if the Governor of Texas, Rick Perry wins the Presidential election in 2012, he will likely do the United States of America what he has done to Texas and believe me, that is not a good thing.  Just one example — In 2000 when Perry took office (after the second Bush was elected President), our Texas schools were ranked 29th in the nation (according to the National Education association and stated here).  You would think a high priority of any elected official would be education since the future of the state and country depends on it.  He should have brought Texas schools up on this list.  Well, not so Perry.  Since he took office in 2000, our schools have tumbled down to 40th (in 2005)!  I know they have gone farther down the list since then.  I’ve heard it on news programs, but cannot find a link to back up this claim.  He also cut education spending by 5 Billion dollars this year.  Every teacher that I know, who is anywhere near retirement age, has retired this year and did not return to teaching with the new school year that has just started.

In my humble opinion, the only reason Perry has been in office this long in Texas is because Texas is a primarily Republican state and being Republican, he keeps winning.  The whole thing makes me sad and angry, but my one vote doesn’t change a thing.  Please think before you vote for this man.

Here is someone else with a opinion on it all….I hope you’ll watch this youtube video and see for yourself.  After all, you need more than my one little old view on Mr. Perry.


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