Gratitude in a New Month

Today, I am so grateful for:

  • WD40  and the stopping for squeeky doors!
  • That this local library lets me do so much online like — reserve books and find out if they are ready for me to pick up
  • my son and all of his 31 years on this earth — Happy Birthday this weekend!!
  • That the grass fires in the area are not headed our way (keeping fingers crossed that it stays that way)
  • that my son’s washer and dryer are inside his house (I have to leave my house to get to the attached laundry room)
  • that there is only one more day of getting up early this week!  Yippee!!
  • for little boy cuddle hugs, so sweet
  • for soap and water
  • internet shopping
  • fountain pens and ink
  • smiles and hugs
  • good teachers

That’s what I’m thankful for today — off the top of my head.  How about you?   Do you want to share what you are grateful for today?

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5 Responses to Gratitude in a New Month

  1. Debbie Sue in Texas says:

    Love your stories about your long weeks of retreat between hectic moments when the grands arrive home each day. Enjoy your solitude, library, and indoor laundry. For me doing laundry and crafts is like meditating.

    Cooler weather must be on the way: I made homemade soup again yesterday and it was such good soul food.

  2. I love your lists, Sharon – they’re so basic, yet so RICH! You’re thankful for things I sometimes don’t think about – I need to dig deeper with my thanks (LOL!)

    • I always think the same thing about your lists, Tracey! You make such wonderful Thankful Thursday lists! Can’t wait to read the next one. I’m going over to check right now to see if you have it up yet. 😉


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