Old Stamps and things I forgot

First:  I forgot to mention in my inky post that it was this post on the Missive Maven blog that inspired me to make my first purchase from the Goulet Pen Company.  I got ink that the Maven mentioned.  I got some pens that the Maven mentioned.  I even got some little black light rings that she mentioned.  Then I got creative and ordered the ink drop all on my own.  My order has been shipped and I cannot wait for it to arrive next week!

photo #1 of 1st Murph order

Second:  If you read letter writing blogs, you may have heard of Errol Murphy before.  I had seen his name mentioned on several different blogs that talked about old postage stamps.  You see, many of us who love to write letters, also love postage stamps!  We love the art of each one.  We love their tiny sizes.  We love their themes.  We love their colors or their lack there of (as in black and white stamps!)  We love just about everything about them.  So much so that we have even started to design our own faux postage to use on our mail art.  We may not have started this love early enough to have accumulated a large quantity of older postage stamps ourselves, so when we find someone who will actually sell us old United States postage at face value — we are beyond thrilled!  Errol Murphy is a man who thrills us beyond measure.  The darling, wonderful Mr. Murphy sells his old postage at face value starting at $20, plus the postage to send it to you.  So, the postage in these two photos cost me $20.44!

photo #2 of 1st Murph order

I love the stamps I got from Murph! There are so many wonderful ones in this shipment!  (Be sure to click on the photos in enlarge them.)  I’m tempted to frame the “American Libraries” stamp and “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” stamp instead of sending them out!  I love all of the animal stamps and the movie monster stamps.  The Texas stamps made my heart sing and the Oklahoma stamps made me smile.  I love, love, love the black and white stamps, the basket quilt stamps, the old cars, the trains, the letter and writing related stamps and the comic stamps.  I could go on and on.  They are wonderful and I am in postage stamp heaven!

Oh, I can’t wait to see what mail art I crank out with these beauties!  If you have the old postage bug, email me and I’ll get you in touch with Murph.  He even has old Christmas stamps!  I’ll be trying to get some of those next month, hopefully.
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  1. debbie sue in Texas says:

    Do you actually use the old postage stamps to mail your mail art or just collect them?

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